The industrial design is a special type of industrial design which is considered to be a form of applied art in which aesthetic, utility and improvement functions for the industrial products to be easier to use and manufacture.

The role of an industrial designer is to seek, create and execute industrially reproducible objects by finding solutions that include aspects of engineering, manufacturing, marketing, product line development and sales.

Turning our gaze to indigenous creativity in general, Romanians began to discover other niches they had overlooked before.

Thus we see the need and opportunity to "create" certain features dedicated to indoor and outdoor ambient projects alike, to meet the needs of great and original ideas, special needs in projects that Architects, Designers and Contractors have imagined with such Mastery. This way we intend to approach a new Range of Products under the title of Special Design!

These products will be designed, developed and manufactured in the best conditions to diversify both our productive capabilities and the opportunity to offer our customers a wider range of Concepts and possibilities.

All these products and parts will be carefully presented in the near future, so we can provide more concrete information.

For a brand-new object undergoing the steps of conception, design, optimization and execution, the factor that weighs increasingly more and in the recent years has come to seal the purchase decision is the design. Specifically, what makes the difference between two objects fulfilling the same function and make more or less the same promises in terms of efficiency is the visual "wow" that sanctions banality in favor of originality.

Before challenge this object, the Romanian product design needs to succeed in two 180 degrees turns: that of the customer towards the idea of a Romanian object design (facilitated to some extent by the increased interest in local creation in the recent years), namely of the designer himself to the idea of marketing and promotion.

In other words, the designer and the customer should find the ideal formula to meet half way, after each of them overcomes one bias: the designer regarding the need for personal marketing and promoting his art, and the consumer regarding the quality of the "made in Romania"products. And especially due to the fact that there are two variables instead of one, that influence the success formula, the journey should start from both directions.

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