Panels, composite materials and sheet processing CNC Center:
Computer-aided equipment for processing composite material panels (bond, HPL), aluminum sheet or sheets made from different alloys. These are the most used materials, yet the range of materials that can be processed is much wider.


Operations that can be performed:  milling, cutting, drilling, chamfering, slotting, trimming, engraving, boring, indenting, “V” channel milling, etc.

Maximum dimensions that can be processed: 1750 x 4270 mm;

CNC Guillotine
for cutting sheets up to 3,100 mm in length and thicknesses of max. 2 mm (steel) and 3 mm (aluminum).002

Sheet bending machine (Abkant) CNC Center:

For processing sheets by bending and coffering (sheet coffering for the façade cladding systems) with lengths up to 3,100 mm and thicknesses up to 3.0 mm for aluminum and 2.0 mm for steel.

We may provide complex solutions to the companies active in the field of roofing systems, architecture-construction, metallic structures, so that processing various types of frames to be no longer a problem; due to equipment performance a wide range of frame configurations can be achieved with high precision and quality for a competitive price.

Thanks to its special design, this machine also allows the manufacture of liner trays (material characteristics which confer resistance to fire) for the coffered façade cladding systems.

CNC stamping center:
The stamping machine enables the processing of a wide range of elements: grooves, holes, cutouts, perforations, etc.

This machine also allows machining plates with a thickness of up to 7mm (depending on the material). The work area is 1 x 2 meters, but it can be machined up to 10 m by repositioning the material fastening clamps.


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