The aluminum joinery systems, with or without thermal barrier, introduced new principles and original concepts in the construction technologies in terms of resistance to water and wind, freehand shapes and a multitude of colors, thermal tightness and ease of maintenance.

The thermal barrier profile series together with a suitable thermo-insulating glass allow a high level of thermal insulation up to the passive house standard (Uwert: 0.8W/mkK).

By using sealing systems with 2 or 3 EPDM gaskets, high sound insulation up to 48 dB can be achieved.

The fittings used can be operated manually, mechatronic or centralized by an automated building management system. Thus, a higher degree of burglary proof up to the WK3 (RC3) security class of DIN EN1627 can be achieved.

Aluminum windows and doors are recommended for residential houses, business offices, hotels, public institutions, high-traffic shopping centers and educational institutions.

In practice, aluminum has found varied applications, from the most common to the most innovative solutions due to its characteristics:
- Low weight and very good strength/mass versus weight ratio;
- Resistance to the effects of atmospheric agents, which considerably reduces the maintenance efforts;
- The ease of processing, its plasticity and ability to be shaped, which allows the extrusion even for frames with complex sections.

Profiles with a modern design are recommended for the manufacture of windows, doors or showcases depending on their technical features. The gaskets used are EPDM and ensure good sealing.
Thermal insulation is made using a polyamide wand of different sizes, depending on the system.
The sealing of the moving parts and of the glass in the frames is achieved by a special system of rubber gaskets, so that a very low heat transfer coefficient is obtained for thermal break profiles.

Aluminum joinery guarantees the easiest maintenance, the color remaining unchanged over time (the profiles are dyed in electrostatic field). The color palette is virtually unlimited, offering great architectural possibilities. Aluminum profiles have metal-specific strength, with no additional reinforcement needed, high strength achieved with low weight, with minimal effect on building strength. The polyamide thermal barrier eliminates the thermal conductivity of the metal, thus ensuring a high level of thermal insulation up to the standard of passive houses. It also provides comfort and silence with optimum sound insulation up to 38 dB, depending on the thermal bridge size.


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